Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

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Eyes of a dog may become as sensitive as the precious eyes of your pet. There are numerous reasons that could make the eyes of dogs to be red that we’ll explore in the next section.

Certain kinds that cause irritation to the eyes can lead to eyes or conjunctiva surrounding the eyesto turn red and swollen. Certain types of eye irritations change the form of your eyeball. The best way to find the solution to “Why are my dog’s eyes red?” is to visit your veterinarian as eye irritation can cause more serious injury if not addressed. But, here are a few possible explanations that might be the cause of your appointment.

Causes of Red Eyes in Dogs

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?


In the spring and summer months those suffering with allergies will suffer from the usual symptoms of nose with itchy eyes, sneezing, and a swollen nose. While allergies can occur at any season, your pet could be more prone like to the season.

It’s thought to be a concern for dogs. It happens when the body experiences an immune response to something that is incorrectly believed to be dangerous. As with pollen particles found in air. In order to benefit alleviate the symptoms of irritation that can be caused by Hayfever, which includes eyes that appear bloodshot in dogs. Talk to your vet about the treatment you think your pet can benefit from.

Eye Infection

In the event that your dog’s eyes appear red, it could be a sign of a condition in the eye. Eye issues in dogs can be caused by a myriad of reasons. Eye injuries or contact with bacteria can result in the creation of an infection within your eyes. An alteration in the air quality can cause dryness in the eyes of your dog and make them more susceptible to inflammation.

Environmental Irritants

There are many irritating chemicals. Both inside and outside of our houses, these can cause irritation to the eyes of our pets. Sprays of perfumes, cleaning products smoke, dust can cause irritation if they’re absorbed by your animal’s eyes. If your pet’s eyes are a little red or has bloodshot eyes. You must be paying attention to the possible irritations that your pet has encountered during your daily activities. It is important to consult your veterinarian as eyes that are red can indicate something more serious taking place. It’s best to recognize these issues when you can.


Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

My pet could have conjunctivitis the dog? Have you got a puppy that has eye watering as well as pink eyes and swollen eyes? Like human eyes, canines are prone to conjunctivitis.

The condition is caused by the skin membrane, which covers the lids’ interiors, referred to as the conjunctiva gets inflamed. It could be due to a range of causes, ranging from allergies to infections or even injuries. Based upon the cause that triggered the conjunctivitis of your dog there are many options that may help in reducing symptoms.

Eye Injuries

Eye trauma can be a cause for why the eyes of your dog are swelling and red at the same time. If you have a very pet that is active in your home. You’re familiar with the ease at which they smash objects in games and chase. The dog might also begin blinking, which is usually a sign that they’re in pain. You might even notice bleeding. Visit your vet for assistance immediately if your dog’s eyes have constricted or you observe indications of blood. If the injury to the eye is particularly difficult, the cornea (surface of the eye) may be damaged due to the trauma. It could result in painful ulcers developing around the eye. This can lead to development of scar tissue which could block vision and cause various problems with vision. This is why that early and effective benefit is essential.


Uveitis refers the inflammation of certain eye structures that make up the uvea of the eye (this is the iris of the eye and other layers of the middle of the eye). It’s an eye-related condition that causes pain which means that your pet is not exposed to light sources or securing the eye that is affected closed.

Your vet will conduct a variety of tests to find out what is causing the eyes of your dog to become red. It may involve ultrasounds, blood tests and tests to determine the pressure of fluid inside the eye. If it is uveitis that is the cause your veterinarian will advise what is the desirable treatment. If you’re suffering from mild cases you may notice improvement in your dog’s overall health rapidly. However, frequent visits to your veterinarian could be necessary to warrant that treatment be in line with the program. The most severe cases aren’t seen as often and can lead to blindness, which is why it’s crucial to contact an animal veterinarian as soon as you notice any signs.

Corneal Ulcers

This membrane which covers the part of the front of your eye is called the cornea. It may be occasionally scratched especially when your pet gets caught in tall grass or have an inclination to get into any kind of object during play. The issue is that the cornea that’s been scratched can offer a possibility for bacteria to infiltrate and cause further cause damage. It can cause eye redness and several discomforts for our pets. If your dog’s eyes appear red, you must schedule appointments with your vet to undergo the eye exam to rule out an eye ulcer.


A common eye that is red in dogs indicate an even more complicated condition such as glaucoma? Although it is most often observed in older breeds, any dog are susceptible to being affected. Eyes that are cloudy, red as well as discharge out of the eyes are a few of the most frequent signs that owners should be on the lookout for. Glaucoma is the accumulation of fluid within the eye. It is crucial to visit a doctor immediately when you start to see symptoms. Glaucoma is not reverseable until it is discovered in its early stages. However, there are a range of treatments available, based on the severity of the issue and. Find out the basics about dog-glaucoma going through our comprehensive guide.

Dry Eye

The eyes of dogs sometimes do not produce enough water that keeps the cornea lubricated. If the tear glands start drying out the cornea can be dry as well. The moisture that helped to keep harmful particles from disappears, and your pet’s eyes might become irritated and red. Dry eyes can be caused by a second health issue, but it is the main cause, so visiting an animal veterinarian is essential in the proper treatment of this ailment.

Cherry Eye

The condition is referred to by the name of cherry eye. It’s an eye problem which affects the gland that can be found on the 3rd eyelid. The gland may expand (pop out of its normal position) and appear swelling and red. This is why the condition gets its name: the cherry eye.

The reason for the issue isn’t clear however it is well-known that the condition is believed to be more prevalent in certain breeds, including Shar Peis, bullmastiffs, Cocker Spaniels and Great Danes.

Foreign Object or Debris

There are times when the cause your dog’s eyes appear red could be due to the presence of a foreign object. This is common for dogs that are more curious. If your dog likes to play in high grass or bushes, it is very likely that they’ll be bit by objects that cause swelling and irritation. Foreign objects which get in the eyes of your dog could be as small as grass seeds, and larger than a large portion of the tree. Although it’s impossible to reduce the chances of getting it out, you should stay clear of long grass and be sure you conduct quick head-to-toe inspection at the end of walks so you are able to spot any issues that could be present in the beginning.

Treatment Options

The most reliable method to determine whether the redness of your dog’s eyes are showing indicates is the indication of something else is to schedule appointments with your veterinarian. They could perform tests to find out the cause to the redness. They’ll also check for dry eyes and/or corneal ulcers or scratches. They’ll also collect the information they require to impart treatment options that may take different forms. Topical ointments for antibiotics to anti-inflammatory medicines or even surgery for more severe situations. Your veterinarian will be well-equipped to analyze the condition of your dog and assist in putting them on the journey to a more peaceful and comfortable life.


How can I get rid of my dog’s eye redness?

Treatment of Red Eye in Dogs

  1. Topical Medications. Topical medicines are available as drops or ointments and might require application 3 times per day for a couple of weeks until the symptoms resolve. …
  2. Oral Medications. In the event of an trauma or infection in the eye area, antibiotics taken orally may be prescribed. …
  3. Surgery.

Does stress cause the eyes of a dog red?

Sometimes, dogs that are anxious or exuberant dogs will develop bloodshot eyes However, don’t believe that it is just because of stress. Conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome as well as glaucoma could result in bloodshot eyes as well. If you notice the eyes of your dog are bloodshot, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian.

Do eyes with red ones mean that a puppy is fatigued?

It’s not as delicious as it sounds. However, it’s a common eye issue that can cause bloodshot eyes. Sometimes, it can be a matter of your puppy is exhausted. Puppy’s require many sleep, and if they’re sporting eyes that are red and look exhausted, it might be the right time to take a nap.

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